treatments. Minimize alcoholic consumption the day prior to your PRP treatment. ... Do not use any hair products for at least 6 hours after your treatment. Avoid.... Jan 3, 2017 After your Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment you should: Avoid alcohol, caffeine, hot drinks and spicy food for 24 hours, as these may.... After PRP Treatment. The patient should avoid washing the treatment area for 48 hours. After that, it is all right to use hair and skin care products and continue.... Jan 6, 2021 For those concerned with platelet count, alcohol is the most important item to focus on during the post-PRP phase. That's because long-term.... One of the precautions after PRP injections is to avoid alcohol. Alcohol can also lead to bruising for a procedure that normally does not cause bruising. Plasma is a.... Can I drink alcohol after my procedure? You should avoid alcohol for at least three days before and after your procedure, as imbibing could result in slowed.... Please carefully read and follow these instructions after your PRP treatment. There are ... AVOID alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes for 3 days after treatment.. Mar 11, 2020 Don't smoke or use alcohol for three days after your PRP treatment. In fact, if you are a smoker, note that the PRP results might not be as obvious... 219d99c93a










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